Sunday, December 10, 2017


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As we were heading out to get our Christmas tree yesterday Mrs. BGA commented that it still looked more like November than December in the Upper Valley. To the relief of the fellow who plows our driveway, it looked a lot more like December when we got up this morning. About five inches of pure powder fell here on the mountain and while it was so fluffy that it didn't really need to be plowed the holidays are coming for plow drivers and their kids, too ;-)
New Hampshire's run through the FCS playoffs ended with a thud yesterday as South Dakota State pounded the Wildcats, 56-14. Credit UNH's Sean McDonnell, who has led his team to a national-best 14 consecutive trips to the playoffs, for embracing the challenge. Here's what he said postgame:
“Have some work to do to get to the top echelon of FCS football … you see the way (SDSU) played the game of football, as I told the players in the locker room, we’ve got to regroup, come back and figure out how to get to this spot. So that’s what our job is. That’s what our mission is from now on.”  

Saturday, December 09, 2017


He was always Ernie.

There's a good chance a lot of the athletes who collected their uniforms from Ernie Gour over the past 15 years didn't even know his last name.

I don't think I did for a long time. At least not until I got to know him a little better during the one day a week each fall when he filled in as equipment manager at Dartmouth football practices.

He was just Ernie, the quiet, totally unassuming equipment manager until the illness that forced him to retire last year, and finally took his life this week. He was a gentle man who will be missed by all. (LINK)
A pro football Hall of Famer who got away? From a story about former Arizona Cardinals' defensive back Aeneas Williams (LINK):
After high school football, Williams was only offered a spot on a football team by one single college, Dartmouth. It was at this point that he simply became realistic and “quit football”. He followed his older brother to Southern University, to become an accountant. His older brother had all the steps in place for Aeneas to follow, and that he did. At Southern, Aeneas eventually had a change of heart.
Penn wide receiver Justin Watson has been invited to play in the East-West Shrine Game, a premier showcase for potential NFL players. (LINK)

Friday, December 08, 2017

Returning Tackle Leaders

Top three Leading Returning Tacklers Per Team
Ranked by total tackles/Year in school is per this fall

Junior LB Thomas Johnson 95 (1st on 2016 team)
Junior DB Ben Ellis 63 (2nd on team)
Sophomore LB John Orr 49 (3rd on team)

PENN 201
Junior LB Nick Miller 104 (1st)
Junior DB Jay Cammon 50 (3rd)
Junior DB Sam Philippi 47 (4th)

Junior DB Ryan Gilbert 95 (1st)
Junior LB Sean White 48 (3rd)
Sophomore LB Michael Murphy 42 (4th)

Junior LB Jack Traynor 98 (1st)
Junior S Bun Straton 38 (6th)
Sophomore CB Isiah Swann 27 (10th)

Junior LB Jordan Anderson 46 (4th)
Sophomore DL Michael Hoecht 45 (5th)
Junior LB Daniel Aidman 45 (5th)

Junior LB Reggie Seggebruch 62 (1st)
Sophomore LB Dylan Otolski 38 (5th)
Sophomore DL Jordan Landsmann 36 (6th)

Junior Linebacker Charlie Walker 50 (5th)
Junior DT Richie Ryan 41 (6th)
Sophomore DT Devin Judd 30 (9th)

Junior DE Kyle Mullen 32 (6th)
Junior DE Hunter Roman 21 (8th)
Sophomore DE Charles Callender 20 (9th)

Does not include potential 5th-year seniors (for any team) or players who missed last season.

* It has been widely speculated that Dartmouth captain Ky McKinney-Crudden (63 tackles at the nickel) will be back after missing off of the 2016 season. If he is to return the Big Green would move up to third on this list with 199 tackles among its top three returnees. That said, it is likely that there are 5th-year returnees elsewhere in the league that would affect these numbers as well. Caveat emptor.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Returning Receivers

Leading Returning Ivy League Receivers (By Team)
Ranked by leading receiver/Year in school is per this fall

Junior Jesper Horsten, 92 catches, 1,226 yards, 13.3 yard average 14 TDs
Junior Stephen Carlson, 71/935/13.2/11 TDs
Sophomore Tiger Bech, 40/596/14.9/2 TDs

Sophomore Josh Wainright, 78/1,001/12.8/8 TDs
Sophomore Ronald Smith, 33/437/14.1/4 TDs
Junior Kyle Kastner, 24/286/11.9/1 TD

Senior Christoper Williams-Lopez*, 56/594/10.6/3 TDs (Rumored 5th year)
Sophomore JP Shofhi, 25/427/17.1/4 TDs
Freshman Zane Dudek, 22/179/8.1/1 TD

Sophomore Jakob Prall, 51/587/11.5/0 TDs
Sophomore Jaelon Blandburg, 33/349/10.6/2 TDs
Sophomore LJ Harriott, 21/159/15.9/2 TDs

Sophomore Hunter Hagdorn, 44/451/12.3/6 TDs
Sophomore Drew Estrada, 32/318/9.9/1 TD
Junior Dylan Mellor, 22/301/13.7/1 TD

Junior Justice Shelton-Mosley, 36/465/12.9/0 TDs
Junior Adam Scott, 23/227/9.9/0 TDs
Junior Henry Taylor, 19/337/17.7/3 TDs

Sophomore Owen Peters, 34/327/9.6/1 TD
Junior Chris Walker, 23/213/9.3/1 TD
Freshman Eric Gallman, 12/133/11.1/1 TD

Junior Christian Pearson, 14/225/16.1/2 TDs
Sophomore Karekin Brooks, 11/97/8.8/ 0 TDs
Junior Logan Sharp, 6/97/16.2/1 TD

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Returning RBs (And A Wildcat)

Leading Returning Ivy League Rushers (By Team)
Ranked by rushing yardage/Year in school is per this fall

Freshman Zane Dudek 1,133 yards, 7.1 yards per carry, 15 TD
Sophomore Alan Lamar, 557, 4.3, 5 TD (2016, missed 2017)

Sophomore Karekin Brooks, 840, 6.7, 9 TD
Sophomore Abe Willows, 373, 5.7, 2 TD

Junior Charlie Booker, 733, 5.2, 6 TD
Freshman Aaron Shampkin, 363, 4.5 3 TD

Junior Charlie Volker, 600, 4.3, 14 TD
Freshman Collin Eaddy, 376, 6.0, 2TD

Sophomore Harold Coles, 515, 6.4, 3 TD
Junior Chris Walker, 282, 3.5, 2 TD

Sophomore Jared Gerbino, 428, 5.0, 7 TD
Junior Rashaad Cooper, 161, 4.1, 1 TD
Junior Miles Smith, 134, 4.2, 0 TD

Sophomore Tanner Thomas, 312, 3.4, 1TD
Sophomore Lynnard Rose, 48, 3.7, 0 TD

Freshman Darius Daies, 263, 3.9, 3 TD
Junior David Moodie, 204, 4.7, 0 TD
Fanned on this one yesterday . . .

Princeton senior quarterback Chad Kanoff and Yale senior linebacker Matthew Oplinger were named the offensive and defensive players of the year in the Ivy League. (LINK)
Headline from a story in the Daily Pennsylvanian (LINK):
This one minor statistic might show why Penn football didn't defend its Ivy League title 
In every game the Quakers won, they recorded a red zone stop; in every loss, they got zero
New Mississippi State head football coach Joe Moorhead is hiring Fordham's Andrew Briener as quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator. That means two Patriot League head coaching searches going on with Holy Cross already looking for a replacement for Tom Gilmore. Expect at least a few Ivy League assistants to be in the mix.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Returning QBs

Leading Returning Ivy League Passers (By Team)
Ranked by passing yardage/Year in school is per this fall

Sophomore Kurt Rawlings 189-281 (67.3 percent), 2,320 yards, 19 TDs, 6 interceptions

Junior Dalton Banks 189-309 (61.2 percent), 1,994 yards, 6 TDs, 14 interceptions

Freshman Jake Smith 91-171 (56.7 percent), 1,154 yards, 5 TDs, 9 interceptions

Sophomore Nick Robinson 48-73 (65.8 percent), 604 yards, 6 TDs, 1 interception

Senior John Lovett 51-77 (66.2 percent), 582 yards, 10 TDs, 2 interceptions (5th year senior)
Sophomore Kevin Davidson 4-10 (40 percent), 38 yards, 0 TDs, 0 interceptions

Junior Nicholas Duncan 51-103 (49.5 perecent), 463 yards, 2 TDs, 3 interceptions

Sophomore Jake Pallotta 3-5 (60 percent), 28 yards, 0 TDs, 0 interceptions
Sophomore Jared Gerbino 2-4 (50 percent), 12 yards, 0 TDs, 0 interceptions

Freshman Josh Bean 1-1 (100 percent), 1 yard, 1 TD, 0 interceptions
Junior Ryan Suitt 0-3 (0 percent), 0 yards, 0 TDs, 1 interception

Monday, December 04, 2017

Taking Attendance

Yale 18,940 (10,818 before Harvard)
Harvard 10,411
Princeton 7,366
Cornell 6,793
Columbia 6,672
Dartmouth 5,512
Penn 5,275
Brown 2,999

Dartmouth 50.1
Columbia 39.2
Harvard 34.3
Yale 30.8 (17.6 before Harvard)
Princeton 26.5
Cornell 26.5
Brown  14.9
Penn 9.9

Holy Cross 7,200
Sacred Heart 3,075
Stetson 1,941

New Hampshire 12,751
Lehigh 7,138
Colgate 4,788
Georgetown 2,166

2017 – 5,512
2016 – 5,638
2015 – 6,660
2014 – 5,549
2013 – 5,807
2012 – 6,402
2011 – 5,847
2010 – 5,971
2009 – 4,103
2008 – 5,136
2007 – 5,498
2006 – 5,597
2005 – 5,317
2004 – 4,859
2003 – 5,656
2002 – 5,909
2001 – 5,578
2000 – 5,635

1995 – 5,797
1990 – 7,482
1985 – 9,405
1980 – 12,725
1975 – 12,150
1970 – 13,148

Green Alert Take: While Dartmouth home attendance declined significantly since 1970 (when both Harvard and Yale were road games drawing a 35,000 and 60,820 respectively), it has remained stable since 1995.

Green Alert Take II: Most Ivy League football facilities are way too large.

Green Alert Take III: Sacred Heart's average was inflated significantly by the record 5,569 when the Pioneers played Dartmouth on family day. Attendance for the other four games averaged 2,452.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Here And There

The touchdown that kept Yale from an undefeated season as seen from the visiting stands:

New Hampshire got a big effort from former Dartmouth head coach John Lyons' defense and timely play from a freshman quarterback rushed into service by an injury to the starter to upset No. 4 Central Arkansas in the FCS playoffs, 21-15, on UCA's bizarre purple-and-gray striped field. The Wildcats (9-4) travel to fifth-seeded South Dakota State (10-2) on Saturday as they make their fourth trip to the NCAA quarterfinals since 2010. (LINK)