Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Odds And Ends

Yale has joined the party and become the final Ivy League school to release its list of football recruits. (LINK)

As was reported in the Great Falls Tribune earlier this month, standout Montana running back Andrew Grinde is on the list. Grinde was expected to join the Elis last year but after reporting to New Haven opted instead to take a gap year.
The STATS site has a story about most of the top FCS teams returning their starting quarterback. From the story:
Two more programs that won conference titles need new starters. Northeast Conference co-champ Duquesne can insert Boise State graduate transfer Tom Stuart into the lineup. Ivy League co-champ Penn's starting job is uncertain as the other two returnees, senior Will Fischer-Colbrie and sophomore Tyler Herrick, have yet to appear in a game for the Quakers. Touted freshman Ryan Glover and Georgia transfer Nick Robinson factor into the picture.
Green Alert Take: Dartmouth isn't playing Duquesne this fall but it is playing fellow Northeast Conference member Sacred Heart. Interesting that the Ivies are aligning themselves a little more closely with a conference that takes graduate transfers.

Green Alert Take II: At least one BGA reader will get a kick out of Penn quarterback Ryan Glover being "touted." The only thing he'd like more would be if Glover were "highly touted."
Jack Daly '84, who held the Dartmouth career receptions record when he graduated and still holds the record for yards receiving in a game (219 on nine catches against Colgate) has been elected to the Clinton County Mariners Hall of Fame – for baseball – per the Press Republican (Plattsburgh, N.Y.) From the story:
Following a record-setting career, Daly was signed by the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League and drafted by the Memphis Showboats of the United States Football League.
And this:
Daly is a member of the Peru Central School and Dartmouth College Halls of Fame.
For what it's worth, Dartmouth doesn't actually have an official Hall of Fame. It does have the Wearers of the Green, sort of an unofficial hall.
Another story about Jaret Pallotta committing to UMass mentions that his brother Jake is a Dartmouth quarterback. (LINK) From the story:
... (W)ith Dartmouth as an Ivy League school, the Big Green play their games on Friday nights and that means his parents would be able to drive to Dartmouth for a Friday night game and come down to UMass for his game the next day.
That could happen, but except on extremely rare occasions (such as this year's game at Fenway Park) the Big Green doesn't play on Friday nights. Should Dartmouth be chosen for a TV game this fall, it might have another Friday game this year.

Monday, June 26, 2017

An Oldie But Goodie

It's another s-l-o-w Monday at the front end of another s-l-o-w week. I'm flirting with the idea of going to a three-day-a-week schedule until things pick up. We'll see.

In the meantime, here's something from several years ago. It's a football trailer that plays off the theme The Woods. Enjoy.

Before I go, the morning email brought an update on Ernest Evans' condition in Los Angeles and because I don't know how much of it is/should be public I'll just give you the start: "As of today, Ernest has not had any major setbacks but no significant strides forward, either."

Find Ernest's story on the GoFundMe page started by teammate Chai Reece.

Garrett Strohmaier is another recent Big Green football player facing a difficult time with the passing of his father after Dartmouth graduation. A friend of BGA and regular emailer who made generous contributions both to the Strohmaier GoFundMe and Evans GoFundMe campaigns wants to make sure folks don't forget about the challenges faced by both. He sent along this note:
I don't ask for many favors but could you give (Strohmaier) a mention tmrow in the blog.
 Thanks again to everyone who has done what they can to help both families.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Camping QBs

Senior quarterback Jack Heneghan works under the watchful eye of Peyton Manning at the Manning Passing Academy, where Big Green head coach Buddy Teevens is an assistant director. (Photo courtesy of Dartmouth football.)
Dalyn Williams, who preceded Heneghan as Dartmouth's starting quarterback, is featured in the Denton (Texas) Record-Chronicle for working the Dak Prescott football camp at his former high school. Find the story HERE.
Speaking of talented quarterbacks, the STATS site has a note that Peter Pujals will be the first four-time captain in Holy Cross history this fall. (Pujals has Dartmouth to thank – or blame – because it was a season-ending injury against the Big Green that led to his return this year as a medical redshirt.)

A click back to the Holy Cross football  page for a story about Pujals making Crusader history came up empty but it did reveal a lengthy story about old friend Tom Gilmore, the onetime Dartmouth defensive coordinator and 14th-year Holy Cross head coach.

The story notes that the Academic All-American, who won the Bushnell Cup as a Penn lineman (think about that), almost did not attend college.

Read the Gilmore story here.

Gilmore's successful eight-year tenure at Dartmouth is described in his Holy Cross bio this way:
While at Dartmouth, he served as offensive line coach, linebackers coach and defensive coordinator. He helped the Big Green to two Ivy League titles, and in the 1996 season, Dartmouth finished the year ranked 17th in the nation after posting a perfect 10-0 mark. Gilmore also helped Dartmouth to a 22-game unbeaten streak from 1995-1997, which still ranks as the third-longest unbeaten streak in Division I-AA history. In addition, Gilmore coached a team of Ivy League All-Stars to a victory in the 1996 Epsom Ivy Bowl in Osaka, Japan.
As Dartmouth’s defensive coordinator during the 1997 season, he led one of the best defensive units in the school’s recent history. The Big Green ranked second in the nation in rushing defense, allowing just 77.3 yards per game and 2.3 yards per carry. Dartmouth also allowed just 16.5 points per game in 1997, while recording 40 quarterback sacks, 57 tackles for loss and 17 interceptions in 10 games. Gilmore’s defense also scored four touchdowns that season, two of which were game-winning scores.
After Dartmouth Gilmore coached at Lehigh, which was in the news this week for scheduling a "Week Zero" game at Navy on Aug. 25, 2018. (LINK)
And now for a little Sunday Silliness. Click HERE to see more on the RedditCFB site.

Click to enlarge.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Faith And Football

Former Dartmouth tight end and NFL fullback Casey Cramer was profiled in a Dartmouth Alumni Q&A. Today the pastor of children and families at a church in Nashville, Tenn., Cramer is also the chaplain of the Tennessee Titans. He explained the start of his journey from five-year NFL veteran to the church this way:
Every off-season I took the opportunity to prepare for the next phase of life after football. I had an internship on a bond trading floor, passed the Series 7 to sell and trade securities, did a wealth-management internship, participated in executive education courses at Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton, and Harvard business schools, and took the GMAT to prepare for doing an MBA. 
But after all these achievements, I learned that all the personal success and accolades I had received on and off the playing field did not satisfy me.
Read the full piece HERE.
Dartmouth alums are all over the sports world. Thanks to a loyal friend of BGA for sharing a link to a Boston Globe story about the retirement of Steve Nazro '63, the Boston Garden's vice president of event scheduling. The Globe notes that, "Nazro’s tenure spanned more than 8,000 events, 1,000 concerts, and eight Boston Celtics championships."

From the story:
Nazro, 75, recalled his mother asking him about his plans for the future. After graduating from Dartmouth College and serving two years in the US Army, it was time to find a profession.
Not long after his mother’s inquiries, Nazro sprung into action. On Dec. 26, 1966, he was hired as a group sales director at the Garden.
“From then on, I’ve just volunteered for everything,” Nazro said. “And I was volun-told to do everything.”
From a D1.Ticker posting:
"No way to celebrate Title IX: The poor hiring records of select college conferences." That's the title from UCF's Lapchick as he dives into the current state of diversity in leadership roles around college athletics, points to four conferences (SEC, Big East, Big Ten & Ivy) as receiving grades of "F" in his latest "Gender, Race & LGBT Inclusion of Head Coaches of Women's Teams" scorecard.
Find the story HERE.

 A little Saturday morning fun for you ;-)

Reprising something she did as a leader of a "psycho hiking" freshman trip while in college, That Certain Dartmouth '14 fooled some of the kids under her charge last summer during a weekend backpacking trip with a Yellowstone youth group. Check it out in this quick video clip (and know that you are not seeing what you think you are seeing. ) That's her in the orange shorts on the right. ;-)

For what it's worth, That Certain Dartmouth '14 is right about at the 500-mile mark on her Pacific Crest Trail hike.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Another Quiet Day

BGA Premium started in 2005 and this daily site began that same summer on another platform. This is the 5,570th posting since moving to this host and I've never been more proud of the community we've developed together. A heartfelt thank you for stepping up and helping a couple of former players and their families who are going through difficult times.
With precious little happening on the football front it was time for a Google search that turned up a couple of things for that Dartmouth fan who has everything.

First, how about a sterling silver Dartmouth football spoon thought to be from the late 19th century? You can own it for $79.99.

The back of the bowl has football laces, and the handle is a graduate in cap and gown.

Hard to tell what this depicts but it looks like Rollins Chapel.

For $199.99 you can buy your own 1953 Dartmouth College Stein with "with mascot, Indian head, Dartmouth Hall, and the school crest." Check it out HERE.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Help If You Can

It has been an incredibly difficult couple of weeks for the Dartmouth football family between Garrett Strohmaier '17 losing his father after graduation and quarterback Ernest Evans '16 lying hospitalized and in a coma as a result of what a GoFundMe page describes as, "a significant skull fracture and brain damage that caused swelling and bleeding."

It is a lot to ask for you to dig into your wallets again, but once again a member of the Big Green family needs your help and needs your prayers.

Learn more about the difficult fight ahead for Ernest Evans and how you can do your part for him and his family on the GoFundMe page set up by a teammate HERE.

And please don't forget about the Strohmaier family. Learn more and contribute HERE.

Here And There

On another slow day . . .

Did you know that Wikipedia has pages on every Ivy League football stadium? Here they are:









And here are the home fields of Dartmouth's 2017 nonconference opponents. Like the Ivy League Wikipedia pages, there's some questionable information such as listing Sacred Heart's Campus Field with 10,500 seats when capacity is actually 3,334 ;-)

Holy Cross

Sacred Heart

One of the interesting things about working for a state university is that salaries are a matter of public record, which is why we know former Dartmouth assistant Calvin Thibodeaux is doing OK as defensive ends coach at Oklahoma. OU Daily reports he just got a raise to $270,000.

Thibodeaux, by the way, just turned the tables in a recruiting Twitter war with fellow Ivy League coaching expatriate Stan Drayton (Penn). Funny stuff HERE.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

JoMo Speaks

Onetime Dartmouth linebackers coach Joe Moglia is the guest subject on The Forbes Interview Podcast talking about "leadership, fostering talent (and) taking risks . . . " The 54-minute episode is introduced this way:
Few people achieve the rank of head coach of a Division I college football program. Even fewer chair $20 billion publicly-traded companies. Joe Moglia does both--at the same time. Moglia, the head coach of Coastal Carolina football and the chairman of TD Ameritrade has one of the unique resumes in modern business.
Raised in a rough New York neighborhood, Moglia worked his way up to an assistant coach on Dartmouth College's football squad before leaving for a job at Merrill Lynch where he rose the executive ranks. In 2001 he became CEO of then struggling broker, TD Ameritrade. As CEO he grew the online broker's market cap to $10 billion from $700 million. In 2008 Moglia stepped down as CEO to chase his dream of coaching college football--a move many in both finance and sports wrote-off as impossible. Nonetheless, Moglia has led Coastal Carolina since 2011 delivering an overall record of 51-15, and with it three conference championships. 
CLICK HERE to listen in as Moglia offers up his story, which begins with him sleeping on an army cot and trying to survive Hanover winters while living in an unheated storage room above the old football offices in Davis Varsity House.

Moglia's road from football and Dartmouth was told in a 2009 Forbes story headlined, From Boardroom To Gridiron At 60.
A Canadian Football League preview story this week in the Toronto Sun looks at the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and notes that former Dartmouth standout Garrett Waggoner '13 is among those no longer on the CFL team's roster.
Former Dartmouth linebacker Alex McCrory gets a mention in a story about his brother Jack choosing to commit to Ohio University as a linebacker. (LINK) Last fall Jack honored his injured older brother by dedicating a big game to him. (LINK)
Kudos to the University of New Hampshire for starting up a Fan Advisory Board, "which is being created to foster discussion among various representatives from the Wildcat community to offer the best possible fan experience at all UNH athletic events." (LINK)

Green Alert Take: I don't know how many Ivy League schools have that kind of board but it's something they might want to consider given the direction attendance has been going to a lot of events.